A Prayer For Missions and Beyond

Missions has been on my heart for many years.

I have tried to shrug it off and make excuses. I would say to myself that people in my own country need me just as much as those in other countries. This is something that we can probably all agree upon. So with this mindset, why is my heart still being tugged abroad?

Psalm 96:3 ESV 

Declare his glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all the peoples!

Declare his glory among the nations

When I was in college, I went to a very conservative Baptist university. They were a mission minded school along with producing very well-known theologians and pastors. I was in a good place for spiritual growth and fellowship.

One spring break I had the opportunity to go to a mission in North Carolina who was in a great need of helping hands.

We had hard labor ahead and our team tackled it in just five days. This set in motion a need to do more and be more in the arena of those who have less than I do.

A year later I found myself on a team gearing up for a trip to Mexico. We were going to help dig wells, love on children, and spend time in study and prayer. The Lord was whispering something to me at that moment and I knew that I was ready.  Then something happened. I found a special man, slacked off in my studies, and found myself moving across the country away from school, fellowship, family and missions.

After marrying a year later, I squelched any thoughts on being the Lord’s hands and feet across the nations and simply became self-focused. I set after finishing my degree at a secular university, wading through the trials of having a spouse deployed overseas and post 9-11 dealings, and being a new mom.

Over the next 18 years I have dealt with some sort of tug from God:

donate here, pack a show box there, send some clothing to this country, and invest in that. Our family has been doing this since we have had children.

We have spent time working with a mobile soup kitchen, volunteering at food pantries, making meals for women and children shelters, and spent hours upon hours with the wounded and retired veterans in homes and hospitals. Our hearts and hands have been slowing working for the Lord, fostering a small love for missions in our children along the way.

Two years ago I found myself in some sort of pity party. I was turning forty years old and thought that I was not accomplishing anything. Being just a mom who hopes to encourage her children in growing the kingdom felt like a drag.

Someone pointed out to me that being “just a mom” is bigger than most things. People can have influence all over the world, but I have it in my home. I can reach the multitude by discipling the minority. I guide and pray for the four lives under my care and they can go out and move nations for God by reaching thousands through what they have learned in the home.

Once I grasped these things, I set a foot forward.

We started participating in a Fair Trade organization that supports sustainable jobs for women in countries such as India, Haiti, Zambia, Kenya and Thailand. Our mission teams at our church receives financial support and prayer from our family as well. After speaking about sponsoring a Compassion child for years, we have recently taken one from Thailand. We pray for him, his family and community frequently.

But now we search for more. Hands and feet need to move over boarders physically and not just financially and through prayer. My older girls and I are ready to hop that ocean and pour down the love and hope of God on those who need light in their lives.

Many people speak about how we can help at home. Homeless, abused, addicted and infirm need us right in our own communities. That is correct, but they have people. The local ministries here are constantly active in helping these people. Many hands make light work, but some of those hands could be used elsewhere where there are little to begin with.

Children in orphanages need us. They may received an occaisional visit, or a random gift, but they need to know that their story goes beyond the walls that they are confined in. They need to feel that love isn’t for those on the outside. Mothers in poverty need to understand that their lives matter to the world. Our hands may be small, but our lives can go grand things for the Lord.

Isaiah 6:8 

And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.”

Declare his glory among the nations (2)

I have been praying for over a year that the Lord gives me work. He has set some things into motion by giving me opportunity to share inside my church family and in blogging. Although disappointment comes as a small following in a great big pot of faith bloggers, my goal isn’t to self promote but to promote the Lord. To turn all things back to Him and to share about the hope and joy that comes from a life lived for him.

My prayer still stands and my daughters and I feel something nudging us out of our comfort zones and across borders. We are ready to share the Gospel with the hopeless, to share love with the lowest, and to share joy with the sorrowful.

We ask for you to join us in prayer for these opportunities and to also be in prayer for those who need us. We ask that we can be the hands and feet of God across the nations and to be able to disciple non-believers in the truth.

Psalm 18:49 

For this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations, and sing to your name.

Declare his glory among the nations (1)

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