Spiritual Warfare in the Closet

PRAYER for spiritualwarfare...As I started writing this post, the old song Prayer is The Soul’s Sincere Desire flooded my heart and it struck me how simple and true this is.  Our methodologies of prayer are helpful but in times of overwhelming stress, pain and sorrow, we cry from our hearts in agony and the Heaven is merciful to our cries.  God hears our cries in the night storms and in the early morning silver dawns.

A walking talking relationship with the Lord in a prayer process has worked in and through my life to develop a habitual pattern of prayer through the weary desert stretches, which have invigorated my spiritual life like sweet living springs of water, refreshing and rejuvenating.  It is simple, powerful, life changing.

Setting aside times to pray are vital, powerful and potent times with the Lord. In our devotion, praise, intercession and petitions and seated on the ground of spiritual warfare.

Developing the mode of spiritual warfare prayers when you pray is an essential reality that many of us want to escape from.  It is uncomfortable, can be messy, and shakes up the cores of situations which we may not want to deal with.  However, there is vindictive enemy hanging around waiting to hit us at given moments of fleshy weakness, which is why the wearing of the Spiritual Armor is our protection.

There are 31 scriptures directly teaching us how to appropriate spiritual warfare in our daily walk.  God has given me mighty breakthroughs in my personal life and family and spiritual dimension through this.  Underlying this truth is knowing always that the Battle Belongs to the Lord and you are doing this through Christ in obedience to what He is showing you, empowered by the Holy Spirit to pray this way.  So my friends, let’s go straight into the meat of this and you can do this all in your closet or wherever you choose to pray your time-alone prays to God, be it at your kitchen table, a mat on your floor, a corner on your bed, or out in your garden and more…your choice!

There is

  1.  Application of the Blood: We know as believers we are covered in the Blood by what Christ has accomplished on the Cross, yet daily application of the Blood over our lives by faith, is powerful and as we declare by faith, we are under the Blood, we are hid in Christ, covered.  This is NOT a ritualistic or superstitious practice, but we obey the Lord when He says, “do this in remembrance of Me.”  You can say simply, “I proclaim the Blood of Jesus over my life, home, situation” or pray, “WE are under the Blood.” This is very powerful. It is our war declaration.We are placing our faith in Christ who was that supreme sacrifice for the world.  If the Blood did not have implications for us in our Christian walk, it would not be spoken of both in the Old Testament and the New Testament.  I can share hundreds of testimonies of victory in this application!

  2. Speaking Scripture through prayer:  The Word of God is life and will not return empty in Isaiah 55:11.  Take aside powerful scripture promises and read them aloud when you are praying. The spoken Word resonates, carries and vibrates with the power of God, and also reaches your subconscious mind to get hidden like deep treasure stored, to strengthen you. God will always act on His Word.  Speaking these words will deepen your faith and spiritual strength and stop the devil at his tracks, he cannot bear the word of God declared in faith which is like heaping coals of fire on his head!

  3. Binding, loosening and casting out:   We use our spiritual authority from a place of victory because of what Christ accomplished on the Cross.  We are on the offensive here and not on the defensive because we have an enemy waiting to devour us, using humans and demons directly.  We use our spiritual authority to bind and loose and caste out in Jesus name.  This is the authority stamped on a believer’s life who rules and reigns with Christ in the heavens.  Mark 16:17:   Jesus says that… “in My Name You will cast out devils.  We have to be walking in spirit with Christ when we do this.  People who walk in the flesh and practice this do much damage.  Matthew 16:19 – And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”  Our battle is always spiritual, not against people.  If you sense chaos, confusion, irritation, anger, or even strange events erupting all around one after the other, know you are under spiritual attack, and say, In Jesus name, you bind whatever the situation or thing is or demon that you discern is operating, (never bind a person, this is witchcraft).

  4. Again, if you need to loose a curse out of your life or negative words spoken against you, pray to loosen it out or caste it out and bind it so it does not return to you. An argument goes that a believer cannot be cursed because Jesus became the curse for us on the Cross.  This is true, but the bottom line is, we do become soft targets for attack if walking in the flesh, as we are opening doors for the enemy to creep in.  This will happen as long as Satan is operating on Planet Earth.  I notice if I grumble about people, I would come under a lot of attack in the days to come. This is not because I was negative but rather, the devil was waiting for that moment in my life of weakness to walk in and attack me, because he knows how I love the Lord and oh how he hates me.

  5. Believers have come under terrible attack especially if a believer has certain satanic cults praying them down, which is very rampantly happening today.  We are discovering this first hand!  So we learn to bind evil forces, and also pray for God’s blessings to be loosed unto you.

For example, if you get sharp shooting pains, know it is an attack of the devil and you can pray to loose it out of your body, caste it out in Jesus name and bind the source.  On a higher level, God can commission you to caste out demons from others and you can pray for them in your closet too.  I have seen breakthrough for others from my personal prayer times and I did not have to go there and we cannot always because of our geographic distances, schedules and complicated rigmaroles that do not give us free access to be present with others when praying for them.

I have seen break through for others,...

So do it all from your closet and it is not less effective as you will discover.  And remember the bottom line of spiritual warfare is, “It is finished” We fight from a position of victory..we are not trying to gain a victory because Jesus has accomplished it all on the Cross.

God bless you immensely in your spiritual warfare prayers to experience the marvelous breakthroughs that we will delight in, in these closet times!

in the vine2


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  1. Thank you Tammy for sharing it in Telling Hearts..I have learned and am still learning, dear friend, and I praise God He has brought me out through many trials through learning some things I gleaned along the dusty road. Tammy, thanks for the blessing and encouragement you are and I so appreciate and love you..in Christ..Rita


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