collaborative series: Prayer

PrayerPRAYER….expression… to God, google tells me

The Bible gives me examples, insight and advice on prayer.

Jesus provided example.

The Psalmist provided examples before Jesus.

When Moses addressed God before the people, you could call it prayer.

Talking to God, sending Him thoughts, all could be considered prayer.  Prayer is a privilege, a way to worship, a way to show love and care, a plea for help, forgiveness, grace, healing.  Prayer can be for self or for others.  It can be in accordance to God’s will, or contrar.  Worthy of some study time, precious sisters at Telling Hearts have contributed, to share stories, insight, thoughts and Bible wisdom on PRAYER. To be released over a few weeks, we hope you don’t miss a one!

Jerusha Borden shares her journey to understanding and increased comfort and appreciation of prayer, as she matured and grew in wisdom and confidence.  Perhaps her journey can encourage you!  (The Habit and The Heart of Prayer)

Rita Kurian   shares a fairly specific prescription for prayer, when seeking results in a spiritual battle!  If you have not already, someday, you will need this one! (Spiritual Warfare in the Closet)

Stacey Lynn Wells encourages  your prayer life in all circumstances, gives some practical suggestions, and offers special counsel for praying for your children… (A Prayer Collective for Troubled Times)

Maryann Lorts tells how prayer over the years has brought meaning to her life, helped shape who she is,  and now directs her steps to missions abroad. (A Prayer For Missions and Beyond)

TammySD examines the Lord’s prayer and discusses what we can learn from it. (What can we learn from the Lord’s Prayer? #wordsofJesus)

Rosie Williams shares encouragement and tips, for “praying the promises,” of God! (Praying the Promises)

Claudea Blythe shares girlfriend to girlfriend, ideas and encouragement for having a PRAYER WALK through your house!  How cool is that? (Prayer Walk: 10 Scriptures to Pray Over Your Home and Family)

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The Lord's will be done, in our blog, in our hearts, and on earth, as in Heaven. His peace be with you. (from all of us at Telling Hearts)


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