Sisters Sound Off About Exodus, in the Old Testament

THOUGHTS, MY NARRATIVE (excuse me if I seem too blunt, and know that I desire to know YOUR thoughts and observations as well)

These chapters are all about God’s instructions for what all the Israelites are to make, prepare, and do to serve Him. I believe there is symbolism and parallels linking to Jesus and eternity in the design described for the ark of the covenant, but….. God was so specific, precise and detailed on every aspect, every nook, cranny, corner, curtain, robe, sash, candlestick, plate, bowl, spoon, crown, table, fixture, link, hook, attachment, pillar, pole, direction and dangle, embellishment, placement, utensil, who, how, where !!

I conclude a few things from this, which I already knew but actually enjoyed the more evidence, that God is

a Master Artist,

A Master Architectural Designer,

a great planner,

and IF he were human we would describe Him in this context as….. obsessive compulsive….. BUT He is G D and may be any way that He pleases. For Him it is perfection and right.

For the priests and people to serve him perfectly would be not as easy to pull a long hair out of a biscuit Stacey Lynn Wells or about as easy as making ice in the desert in 1800……

Also I learn from these chapters that while our God must LOVE nature and variety, for such is HIS CREATION, He also must appreciate artistic renditions of humanity to use their natural resources…. hew, polish, paint, carve, assemble, build, sew…. in essence, not only does God love nature, but also culture. People can meet God in nature, YES, but people can also meet God in culture.

What is the HEART of man, in the midst of the nature?

What is the Heart of Man in the midst of the culture?

Is the man humble and ready to serve?

The priests would not be good at following God’s orders unless they were humble and scrambling to do it right.  Now did God make is so (hard and difficult)….. in order that the people would feel weary and ready for the messiah??  I am suspecting so, and I am looking forward to reading your comments on this. I can tell you that I did read chapter 29 also, and towards the end of that chapter is a favorite part of mine……… more comments from me coming later 


Above, was from me, Tammy, as we read through the Bible, and share reflections and observations, sometimes questions, in our study, fellowship group!

Below, hear from my sister Stacey.  We have had some grand discussion indeed, over these deep and tedious Old Testament chapters, and she gave me permission to print it here at Telling Hearts!

from Stacey:34088200_10214985259841628_9058006493059612672_n

The first is that…at least as far as I see it…the TINY DETAILS entailed here IS a sort of outlook towards the future, to Jesus and to us, as His followers all these many years later. Praise God that we are under Grace, and not that Law, but there is a mirror image there. I think it speaks to our own lives, and how EVERYTHING must be dedicated to HIM! In other words, we literally have to be what the world considers a “Jesus Freak” 😊🙌🔥

Some people think we can confine our Father to the House (of God) and then leave there and go on about “our lives”. This is, I believe, a very dangerous and slippery slope.

In the ancient times, and even in some severely persecuted countries even today, letting it be known that you were or are a Christian is punishable by death, beatings, imprisonment, torture…simply awful. Here in America, we hinder ourselves willingly so as to avoid “offense”. This scares me. I think every candlestick, plate, bowl, spoon, etc., etc., in our lives should also meet a standard that is worthy of God’s service…whether anyone likes it or not.

NOW…having said that, I don’t mean that we should be mean and hateful. I can think of plenty of denominations and religious groups that have gotten a “bad rap” because of those kinds of things. We can’t kick another brother when they’re down, nor leave one in mire simply because we feel like we might get a little dirt on our hands.

Now, I believe it was James, who said that when we go to “restore” a brother (or sister) we have to be careful not to get entangled in the sin ourselves. Oh, have mercy on us Lord, I’ve seen that happen! That’s why we have to take every thought captive and guard our eyes and our ears, as the Word also warns us to do. Shew! I swear, I didn’t mean to write a book. And all of this from God’s attentiveness to detail?!?! Forgive me if it’s too long, Tammy, I’ll squish it down 😜

20180507_162404 I love it Stacey!  Straight from your heart.  Thanks for sharing!

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Titus Women's Gathering

Titus Women’s Gathering


The Lord's will be done, in our blog, in our hearts, and on earth, as in Heaven. His peace be with you. (from all of us at Telling Hearts)

Thanks for letting us share.  We would love to hear from you in the comments, or to welcome you into our fellowship, study and encouragement group linked above.

Tammy SD sign-off




  1. Thank you so much, Tammy, for the excellent job you did of putting all this together! It’s lovely and I am HONORED to be a part!! As always, Telling Hearts is more of a blessing to ME than I ever could be in return 🙂


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