Treatment for Spiritual Attack

Ephesians 6_12 b

Have you ever felt spiritually attacked, or thought a loved one was?  I felt like it once.  It was a terrible few months.  It was so dreadful that I will not write in specific terms.  I must protect characters of this tale.

I will share that I reacted holistically.

  1. I conferenced with a medical doctor.  She did not prescribe drugs.

2.  We consulted a licensed counselor.  She did give me some good tips.

3.  I called on my spiritual family, and asked dear ones to pray for us.  My close friends and neighbors came over with oil for annointing, and did a PRAYER WALK in and around my house.  We ordered evil out the doors and windows literally, and declared who the master of the home was.

4.  I posted scriptures ALL OVER THE HOUSE so that every where we looked, God’s word was speaking.

5.  I played Christian music strategically and it was a soothing balm to our souls.

6.  I prayed all day and I got up at night and prayed… crying, laying on of hands, pouring my heart out to my Father and spreading my petitions before Him asking for healing and restoration.

It did come.  All was healed and restored.

During  that time almost 10 years ago, my family adopted the HABIT of praying together every morning on the way to school.  To this day, we do this.

What Satan intends for evil, our Lord will turn around and use for good.

We are on

Now when you have time, I recommend you come back and follow this link to my sister Stacey Well’s blog.  She will get you ready to face the front lines every day that the Master calls, and she will let you in on some sly observations and insights…A Word From the Lord About Spiritual Armor

Tammy SD sign-off


  1. This is awesome Tammy pure the end of it..praying praying praying and we see the light and experience the peace and breakthrough..God bless you.I love it..will share it in G plus Spiritual Warfare Collection sometime..


  2. Hi Tammy! Thanks for addressing this in a non-frightening manner. It’s sorely needed now that the devil is as the Bible says, “walking about like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour”. Love you!


  3. Tammy, thank you for speaking this truth and providing your loving guidance. It’s funny but I feel this spiritual war quite often. It’s almost as if every since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I have been under attack in one way or another. I LOVE that y’all did a prayer walk through your home and cast Satan out! I strongly believe that “Christian immersion” methods work (what I call it when you fill your home with scripture, praise and worship music, and prayer). Love it!


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