A Moment of Raw Parenting: The Power of Words in Our Homes

Can I be real and talk to you from a raw moment in my parenting?

I am reeling from my own disappointed expectations these past 15 years of my parental season. A grumpy day of unmet goals and wandering in circles turned into yelling, throwing and crocodile tears. My exasperated attitude blew the roof off my brain as I vomited my disappointment in the care each small person in the house pushed under the beds and dressers, quite literally and figuratively. This led to my balled fists, children staring like deer in headlights, and someone trying to cram as may things in hiding places as they could.

I attended the youngest as he cried tears of frustrations at not understanding where I was coming from and how his siblings got to this point. He rubbed his face as he fell into sadness over his own messes and lack of responsibility for part in this madness. I held him close, soothed his weary sobs, and told him that I loved him despite my fist shaking at the hand life dealt this day.

As my young child drifted off in the arms of his mother, I contemplated my next move and wondered if I could ever speak the right words for the others to finally grasp the concept of being good stewards, walking the Christian walk and not just talking the talk, and speaking of talking, kindness counts, and the mother-figure was tired.

Don’t we all want peace, quiet, good attitudes, and your small people to throw around kindness like confetti?

If my household could attain just a fraction of that and hold on to it for just a few days, we would still fall short of the Lord’s glory.

So there you have it, my own words correct me. We all fall short, not just my children, but myself. Falling, yelling and tossing toys on the floor as I do, and not quite to the glory of the Lord.

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God

God is gently reminding me as I not so gently talked to my children, that all of us come up short, but because of Jesus we are saved through grace.  This doesn’t give any of us a pass. Just because Jesus came along and picked us up off the ground that is spewed with books, clothes and misguided tears, we still need to be accountable for actions, words and thoughts.

We can’t complain about people doing sinful things and then behind closed doors do them ourselves. What a lesson to be learned.

If you would like to see the original post about the power of words in parenting, you can find it here at the Coming to Light Blog.

The importance of words is seen in how we talk to others, especially on the ground level. Our homes are our first and foremost mission field. The rest branches out from there. When we use kind words, forgiveness and discussion with our faith as our motivator, we create something beautiful. I encourage you to start the conversation at your own dinner table.


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  1. Maryann, what a blessing to so many mothers to hear your testimony. How many lives are touched when it is discovered that you are not alone in your exasperation as a mother? It is deeply encouraging to hear that you have not failed as a follower of Christ when you slip-up as a mother. I love that you mentioned the accountability piece as well. Even though we do fall and make mistakes, we are still responsible to make amends, do our best to speak kindly and live out our lives in a godly manner.

    I’ve had to ask forgiveness from my children too many times to count, but I do. I think it teaches them that I am a fallen human, just like everyone else and that I’m not above asking their forgiveness. I truly enjoyed this post. Thank you!

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    • I almost thought that I’d make a mistake by being so honest about my life. I almost didn’t write about this experience until I realized that there are so many mothers out there living through it, feeling alone in their trials. I wanted to tell them that they’re not alone.


  2. Oh, I have been in this very place my very own self!! It’s good to be able to know that we’re not alone in moments like these. No, but rather we’re real, we’re human, and we are already forgiven by the most amazing Father of all! Thank you so much for sharing this snippet today!

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