Introduction to series: The POWER of WORDS

Sticks and stones may break my bones,

but words may never hurt me?

How many of you ever heard that saying?  I grew up with it, but  in its original translation there was not a question mark but a period or an exclamation point.

Surely that quote was invented by a mother who was trying to help per child brush off some childish foolish words of a play mate.

We know that words can hurt when mean or unkind.  At Telling Hearts we also know who to bring our hurts to (the Lord) and from where to gain wisdom or perspective (Holy Bible, Holy Spirit).

The joy and delight at Telling Hearts is to exhort one another, and our readers towards strength, love, wisdom and grace.  We hope you enjoy these posts (now and to come) on the POWER OF WORDS:

Stacey Lynn Wells, at her home blog, “Scribbles and Sustenance,” takes a careful look at the contrast between our culture’s carelessness with words, and the real truth about words as revealed through out scripture.  Her analysis and insight, could change your life view!  Follow this link and be blessed with more of God’s wisdom:  And God Said: The Truth About Words

Maryann Lorts’s examination and personal sharing  on specifically the power of words in parenting A Moment of Raw Parenting: The Power of Words in Our Homes link will surely remind you of grace and HOPE when our words come out wrong, and  Jerusha Borden’s sensitive reflection from the open heart that is the daughter of God’s heart  shares scripture, personal story and encouragement that helped her hurting heart  to heal Sticks and Stones.

Claudea Blythe tells how 7 words CHANGED HER LIFE,  Power of Words series: 7 Powerful Words that Set Me Free Rita Kurian  shares some thoughts along with scripture that changed her perspective on words Our Words, Life Giving, POWERFUL?

All that, WONDERFUL still  from Telling Hearts, and  hope you are inspired to increase the positive words and affirmations in your household, and glory and thanksgiving to our Father and the giver of all good gifts, by accepting this challenge:Go Crazy for Good Words !

Crazy Challenge Accepted

At Telling Hearts, we submit to you the challenge, to edify your family member(s), or friend(s) by listing or enumerating characteristics, talents, tendencies, skills, abilities, about that person which you enjoy and consider to be a blessing to people.  Share this with your person of focus and together GIVE GOD THE GLORY, for every good and perfect gift, all the good that we are, comes from HIM, our  awesome Father, creator God.

Above is my folder of praises.  Here is an inside look.  May you be inspired to make a memory, edify your loved ones, and worship the Father together.


I wanted to list 100.  I got to 23, and shall keep adding.  Noticed, I went further than prescribed.  I even am giving God glory for wonderful things from the past!

Thank you for visiting with us at Telling Hearts.  We are excited to deliver more wonderful for this series, and hope that you are blessed and growing in your knowledge of the Lord.

Tammy SD sign-off

One comment

  1. Loved this and the idea of a praise folder, and working on edifying words…I think the more we confess them, the more our heart changes and relationships become sweeter! Thank you Tammy!


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