Heart to Heart: Rosie and Tammy SD

Rosie, thank you for doing this interview with me at Telling Hearts.  I am thrilled to have you as a contributor here with us, and I consider myself blessed to have come to know you through blogging, and through our facebook groups which are for the edification of women.

I think first our readers would appreciate a brief background view into the person Rosie Williams, which they can read a little about here at the Nuggets from the Heart blog.

Rosie, I wanted to compliment you on your grace and responsiveness towards people, which I have observed over the months of being your friend.  I want to ask you from where do you think this grace and responsiveness comes?


Thank you Tammy.  I am both humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to share a bit about myself through this interview.  As I have mentioned to you before in one of our chats, I grew up in a family of seven siblings and I was the first born.  Two years after my birth, my mother had twin boys.  There was a ten year difference between my youngest brother and myself.  With so many siblings vying for my mom’s attention, I found myself slipping into the role of a “second mom” at an early age.  I believe that learning to help care for my siblings was the foundation for the path that would lead me to become a nurse and then a mentor to others in my adult life.

I know that you have a fun speaking engagement planned in a few weeks.  Please tell us about this and how you grew into and now enthusiastically embrace this mode of ministry and representing Christ.  Was it ever difficult for you?  What do you think prepared you?  What is the best part of these events for you?

As far back as I can remember growing up, I thought I was going to be a teacher.  Then my junior year of high school I began to think of pursuing a nursing career after my parents planted that seed in my mind.  I have never regretted having made that my career choice.  The majority of my nursing years were in Obstetrics specialty…Labor & Delivery, Newborn Nursery as well as Neonatal ICU and Pre-Natal education.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 18:16, that , ‘A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings  him before great men.’  I can truly say that my desire to teach was fulfilled within my nursing career because of the opportunity to educate my patients.

I love to encourage anyone, however I have always felt a special connection with women.  The Lord once showed me that a woman is like the heart of her home.  Just as a human heart needs to be strong and healthy in order for the human body to function well, so it is with a woman.  Her heart needs to be encouraged and taken care of spiritually and emotionally in order for her spouse, children, and home to thrive.  As the heart of her family, a woman has so much influence within her home and the lives of her husband and children.

There is one other thing I must say on this topic.  I have always had a passion for words…written, spoken, or read.  Because of this, I feel like God has gifted me with the use of words to be an encouragement to women whether it is one on one conversation  or to a large group at a special event.  Because of my deep desire to encourage women, my ministry is founded on Romans 15:13.Romans 15_13

Meeting new sisters in Christ at speaking engagements is one of the things I love most about public speaking.


Your book, Nuggets from the Heart, truly is a treasure trove of encouragement, love, and grace, a very special gift.  I bought one for my mother (and myself).  The personal stories, and insights shared, must have happened over a number of years.  When did you first start thinking about writing a book?  Share something of your journey to publication.  Be as brief or as detailed as you would like.

Ah…yes, the book.  What a journey that was and still continues to be as I watch what God is doing with the finished product!  It was actually a year ago at this time that I was doing final edits on Nuggets from the Heart.

In my introduction to the book, I stated that it took almost three years to write this first book, but the reality is that this book was written in my life long before I knew there would be a story to tell…or in this case…Nuggets to share.  The Nuggets are all part of my personal God story.  In my twenty-three years of being a born-again believer, I have learned so many truths about who God is to me personally.  Through many trials, storms and dark valleys, I have experienced His love, grace, mercy, patience and so much more.

If I had just one word to describe who God is to me, it would have to be ‘FAITHFUL.’  No matter what I have gone through…rejection, grief, illnesses, times of uncertainty, and more…He has never left my side.  Because of His faithfulness, I have always known hope, no matter how hopeless things seemed.

This is the reason why Nuggets from the Heart was birthed as a blog seven years ago.  As my  family, friends and followers became familiar with my blog and its Nuggets, they kept encouraging me to write a book.  I received three prophetic words regarding the book on three separate occasions during church services.  Finally, I knew I could no longer ignore the mandate from the Lord to write the book.


I know many people use the cliche’ saying that something in their life was a “God story.”  But that is really the only way I can sum up the entire journey from the first paragraph in the writing of my book, to the editing process and finally its publication in September 2017.  The Lord ordered my steps and put me in the path of the many individuals who would be instrumental in the journey to writing this book.

Is there another book swirling in your brain these days?  Want to share anything about that?

Oh my, YES!  How interesting that you should ask that question.  The Lord and I had a talk about this again, just the other day.

There are actually two more books that keep popping into my head.  I have notes on paper as well as in my head on both of them.  I am thankful for my smart phone and its notes app for those moments when the Lord drops yet another little nugget of goodness for those future stories.  Now if I could just find the extra time to fully devote my energy into taking this project on again.  I will save the details for another time but certainly my blogging friends will know once I venture out into those waters again.

Rosie, there is so much about you that I respect.  Boiled down,  I admire you because of your experience, love, and grace.  Christ’s light truly shines in you.  Lastly, here, please exhort from your heart, towards grace and humility as a life position.  I feel it is a message that people need to be reminded of often.

One of my mantras has always been this: “People will never care how much you know until they first know how much you care.”

Though I do not always hit the mark, this is something I strive to live by each day.  We do not have to look far to see that there are many hurting and discouraged people in the world today.

As a child of God, I believe that not one person who crosses our path each day is there by coincidence.  The smallest act of kindness extended in the love of Jesus to someone each day could be life changing for a person.  If we ask God to help us to make a difference in  at least one life each day, that is one prayer He is sure to answer!

Now please share details, if you would care to, about upcoming speaking engagements.

Tammy, I am very excited about my next speaking engagement.  I will be leading a one day women’s conference  in Houston, TX this coming September.  The Lord has put a wonderful message on my heart to share with the women through the story of Queen Esther.  I believe it will not only encourage women, but challenge them to be all that God has called them to be no matter what season of life they find themselves in.  I will speak both in the morning and in the afternoon with a catered luncheon in between sessions.


For more information or to RSVP for this event you can follow this LINK here.

Finally, I ask anyone reading this post to pray for this conference and all it entails.  I would greatly appreciate your prayer covering as I prepare my message, for the women who will attend, for travel mercies for both my husband and I to and from Texas, and for God to show up BIG and meet each woman who attends.  As my dear cousin said, “I believe this is going to be more than a conference.  This is going to be a ‘glory gathering’ of women!”  All praise to God.

If you would like to connect with Rosie in some of her social media, here are the links:

*go here to her book site!

*go here to her speaker page

*to women’s conference

*to her Nuggets blog website

* Pinterest account

*her Twitter account

*her Instagram account

Thank you Rosie for sharing!

Thank you dear hearts that visited us at our Telling Hearts blog.

Tammy SD sign-off




  1. Really blessed to read this, I will be praying for this conference..and I look forward to buying Rosie’s books soon one of these days.The book like so much blessing flowing from it..with your life so beautifully fruity and kind..


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