Going out on a limb

It seems lately the Lord has once again been stretching me in some areas. I know you have been there. You know the conversation. It begins with a little “nudge” in your spirit but it just does not go away. It seems like every time you turn around you are getting confirmation to do that “thing” that God has put on your heart. Finally, you just gotta give in and say “OK Lord. I asked to be used. This is not exactly what I had in mind but here I go!”

I have heard a saying that goes like this: “In order to get the good fruit, sometimes you have to go out on a limb!”

I don’t know about you but I gave up tree climbing a long time ago! On top of that, I don’t like heights anymore. The mere thought of being too high off the ground makes my stomach flutter. So the thought of climbing a tree and then actually going out on a limb is just not something I want to consider. What if the limb broke? What if I lost my grip? What if I got so scared and could not manage to climb back to safety!

What if…what if…what if!

The same is true spiritually. Growing and being fruitful only happens when we make the decision to just go for it…whatever that “it” might be. The bottom line is that if God is asking me to do something, no matter how scary it may seem, he is going to equip me and I have to trust that he will protect me in the process.

You see when it comes to Kingdom work and impacting lives for eternity, it is never about me. It is all about God. I am just a vessel with a message that someone needs to hear. And for reasons I may never understand, God chooses a little, cracked pot like me to deliver it! It really is not that complicated. Listen and obey.

This past spring I was in a Bible study and we worked through the book of Acts. I want to share this blog post, Walking the Desert Road,  that came out of it when we got to Acts 8: 26-40. It spoke volumes to me about being quick to obey God. I hope you will be blessed, encouraged and challenged.

May we be willing to go out on a limb…even if it means walking through a desert to reach someone!


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