A Perspective on Aging by Someone Over-the-hill

I am soon to be 54 years old.  Now unless I live to be 108 years old, that means I am more  likely considerably more than half way through with my life.

I was researching a medical condition not too long ago, and I came across some medical site that classified geriatric patients as age 55 or older.  HA, there you have it, if you wanted technical proof that age 54 is quite up there in age.  I own it.  I rejoice in it.  These grey hairs are indeed honor to me.

But similarly to what my Grandpa told my Daddy, when he was in his 80s…(he was lean and muscular, but slow moving and quiet)… he told my daddy that his brain still felt  like a young man’s!  I remember that conversation.  Yes, my brain feels oddly similar to always…younger years. Just NEVERMIND about not being able to remember things…. and getting cranky or nervous.  Nevermind that right now.

I have lived to see a young vital man (in my memories) age to crippled and dementia.  My daddy.  My beloved daddy.  Many of the loved ones that I remember daily, are dust on earth now, and spirit freed.

Several of the suiters of my youth, are dead or in a nursing home.

Sounds bleak eh?

Well for me, not so terribly much.  There is always going to be the YUCK side of life, until we get to Heaven ~ my wonderful hope and expectation!  I do choose to look at the bright side.  I do my best to look at the good and praiseworthy, anyway.

I have survived the tough stuff, and been so incredibly blessed.

I survived temper of my husband’s youth, and he survived my insecurity based nagging and abrupt rude responses (am not saying that youth is an excuse).  We finally learned how to better love one another and be kind and considerate, and on this downhill side of life I see that much of our earlier life, was but the mere human life cycle, human plight, hormones, youthful foolishness.  No judgement on us looking back, except to see our faults and flaws and be grateful that God has  grown us.  No judgement generally on young people today.  Must insert mercy, grace, and gratitude!

We survived ear-infections, scraped knees, only one broken bone, (raising children) and sometimes weekly trips to the doctor office, toddler fits, sibling squabbles, rushed Sunday mornings, and oh

paying off a home to be debt free, supporting a son through university (so grateful for grants and scholarships), coaching children through tricky social situations, and we survived vacation fiascos, and family dessensions, with our kids still on our side.  We did not fail.  It appears that by His grace and gift, our children are doing well and so we accept that as blessing to us.

My husband and I… were quite the young things when we got together.  We have those memories of being twenty something and passionately in something with one another.

Now we are 50 something and…. well…. we are still in something with one another.

I used to kind of worry, “If I have a stroke, I seriously don’t trust that he will take care of me or even care.”

I don’t worry anymore.

Truth is, those worries were always figments of my imagingation anyway.  My husband has been faithful and he has been a great friend 98% of the time.  I actually think he would reasonably advocate for me, and I know he will always want to be a present help for our children, as long as the Lord allows.

What more can I ask for?  We are all human, flesh, and decaying, but this decay path leads to death and THAT will send me to Heaven,

So I am A- O.K with it all.

There are so many memories to treasure, and thank God for, of years gone by.  Probably my favorite time of my life was when my babies were small, but as many of you know, that is not an easy time either!

So here I am age 54 (in a few months) and it is WONDERFUL, looking behind, looking here now, and looking ahead.  Meaning I had a perfect life with no hardships or tragedy or deep black times?  NO.   I did have all of those.  But that’s it.  That is life.  I survived!!  All is well-ish or perfect-ish now.

My favorite thing looking ahead, is anticipating times of togetherness with family and friends, and ministry.

I want to accomplish dreams for the Lord.  I want to learn the Bible more.  I want for God to expand my ministry circle and make new circles for me, to share my LIGHT from Him!

I have a facebook ministry.  I am reading the Bible through cover to cover in a year (would have been really hard to do if I was looking after a houseful of little ones).  I expect to have a weekly or bi-monthly Bible study in my home at some point, and I dream of traveling the USA in a camping van to visit Texas State, and National Parks.  If I get to do this…… I want to have my Bible with me, and I want to share my good news and Christian joy with all that God brings to me…

So all in all, getting older is great.  Where we are headed as Christians and having the Holy Spirit, makes it so.

To whom much is given, much is required (Luke 12:48).  I am reasonably healthy.  I must use my life and time to honor Christ.  That is the calling to every Christian.  Raising children is not my focus.  My focus has shifted, and I like what I see when I look backwards and forwards for I know HE is there.  My God, my savior.

I am wishing you, grace, mercy, and gratitude in aging.

If you are not a Christian but would like to learn more, you may follow this link.Join Us in Making JESUS the Lord of your Life

If you want to read more about me or know more about my hard times, I tell plenty in my home blog, my first blog, Grandma Mary Martha.  Go there and read around if you like Grandma Mary Martha is a blog for Christian Women, and though I aim to spread funshine, sunshine, and Sonshine there, I have told some tough stuff too.

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Tammy SD sign-off


  1. Tammy, I love your heart! As a Christian woman in my mid 30’s, I’m not afraid of aging. I’m trying to cherish the moments I have right now with my young kids (8 and 5), and I also look forward to the years ahead. I’m excited for the adventures that God has in store for my family, my career, and my ministries! God is so good and for us all the time!


  2. Thank you for sharing part of your life experience here! It is rich with lessons learned and the scent of Christ. I truly hope you share more of your stories with the intent of helping those of us coming after you to grow up into Him. God bless!


  3. I soooooooo needed this. To see where you have come from and all the things you survived make this Mom breathe a little better. It’s going to be okay! Xo I’m sure my worrying us the cause of my grey hairs but I do love them and they’re pretty in the sunshine, glittering like platinum. 😁


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