A Simple Egg Dish That’s Not Just for Breakfast!

Eggs & Tomatoes

When you think about eggs, if you’re like most people, you automatically think “breakfast”. I know I use to. That is until I discovered this dish!

Let me assure you, it’s so simple, you’ll really have no excuse to not prepare it again and again. You can also double this recipe as well, using the same cook times as listed below.

Let’s break down the basics…

The Ingredients

One egg

One fresh Roma tomato

1/4 cup of shredded or crumbled cheese

Olive oil or non-stick spray


That’s pretty much it as far as ingredients go! (I told you it was simple, right??) Now, I did add in a slice of Vidalia onion, that I had diced up nice and fine as well as a shake of Creole seasoning. I also snapped off two leaves of basil, which was growing right on my window sill in the foyer, and chopped that up to garnish the dish with.


You can add stuff too, if you’re in the mood. Black olives would make an excellent addition, as would avocado slices or diced red and green peppers. It’s all about taste.

Still, sometimes simplicity wins the day!

The Directions

So first, you want to add a little olive oil or non-stick spray to a ramekin. If you have no ramekin, which is the predicament I found myself in, you can also use a pie pan. Once you’ve greased the container, dice up your tomato into bite size pieces. If you’re not using a ramekin, form a little nest in the tomato pile. This will give the yolk a stable place to rest.


Next add in your crumbled or shredded cheese. Some people choose Feta cheese, as this is a Greek or Mediterranean-inspired dish. However, I used what I had on hand, which happened to be shredded Colby-Jack.

Finally, place your egg either on top of these ingredients in your ramekin, or in the little nest you made in the tomatoes in your pie pan. Bake for about ten to fifteen minutes for a set yolk, or about six or seven minutes for a yolk that’s a bit softer.

Wrap it all up by thoroughly enjoying your simple, yet elegant meal!

36823971_10215279324913071_7141004959260082176_n (1)


Stacey sign off


Stacey shares about growing her basil:

I started mine in a little window sill planter box from a package of seed I found at Walmart. I have to say, this is one of the EASIEST plants to grow, in my experience.

37017951_10215280447181127_8200237529035702272_nOnce the plants start to get about 3 inches tall or so, I transferred two plants each into coffee cans so they’d have more room. I’m actually still in the cans, lol, with a few in the window box still, simply because I don’t have any room for them at the moment.

If possible, they need at least 5-8 hours in a South facing window, or ten hours under regular lights. The sunlight helps them grow better though, I’ve found out. I actually had mine in a window that faces North East and just left them there and they have done wonderful.

Another useful tip is to keep the leaves pruned…the sooner you start using your plant, after the big leaves come on at about 6 inches tall, the sooner it will bush out. And use them often. If they go to seed, they will get bitter!

Thanks for visiting.  If this post inspires a tasty egg meal at your house, or a successful herb garden, we’d love to hear about it.   If the house is quite and you dine alone, on your homegrown herb garnished meal, maybe enjoy some more posts at Telling Hearts!

The Lord be glorified for His rich and abundant blessings in our lives!

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