David’s Familiarity with God Throughout Psalms

We have already looked at the way David’s worship makes him a man after God’s own heart. Isn’t it lovely to see that, even in the midst of his biggest trials, David never stops SPEAKING the sovereignty of our God? I imagine everyone that knew him knew of his love for God. It’s like that when we talk about someone we know, someone we’re close to and hold so dearly in our hearts. Our love for them often spills over into names and titles that we refer to them by.

I have also considered how familiar David was with the Lord. You know, in his understanding of exactly WHO and WHAT God was to him. We can see this by taking a look at some of the things David called Him, or considered Him to be. For instance, He calls God…

  • A shield (3:3)
  • My glory (3:3)
  • The lifter up of mine head (3:3) **(I use this one a great deal myself!!)**
  • God of my righteousness (4:1)
  • My king (5:2; 44:4; 47:6; 47:7)
  • The righteous God (7:9)
  • The Lord most high (7:17)
  • The portion of mine inheritance and of my cup (16:5)
  • My rock (18:2)
  • My fortress (18:2; 31:3)
  • My deliverer (18:2; 40:17)
  • My strength (18:2; 19:14; 22:19; 28:7; 31:4; 46:1)
  • My buckler (18:2; 18:30)
  • The horn of my salvation (18:2)
  • My strong tower (18:2)
  • My stay (18:18)
  • My redeemer (19:14)
  • My shepherd (23:1)
  • My light (27:1)
  • The strength of my life (27:1)
  • My hiding place (32:7) **(Remember Corrie TenBoom’s book, The Hiding Place??)**
  • The saving strength of his anointed (28:8)
  • My exceeding joy (43:4)
  • A very present help in trouble (46:1)
  • Mine helper (54:4)

I could very obviously go on and on, throughout the book of Psalms. Just take a look at this list of names, though. Are these titles you would give to one that you hardly know? Are they names you would use when talking about or addressing one who sits in a czar-like position? Or someone you were afraid of, as many try to say we should be of God?

Oh, no, rather these are names you reserve for one that you care a great deal for. One that has come through for you and shown Himself to be the source of your help, stability and joy. These names represent someone in whom David knows he can place ALL of his trust, love, and joy.

Sometimes, when I feel particularly down, I will just begin to call out to God, addressing Him with many of these titles, as they come to my remembrance. And many of those times, I will feel my countenance lift as my mind and spirit come into alignment with one another, in agreement for who my God is to me.

Other times, when I don’t really know what to pray for, I will just begin to thank Him for BEING these titles in my life. As I address Him in His awe-inspiring majesty, it’s easier to flow into intercessory prayer, as the Spirit draws my mind to where it needs to be.

It’s no wonder that Jesus asked Peter, “whom say ye that I am?” (Matthew 16:15). It’s important to know Who He is. Not just to Him. More importantly, to us! If we KNOW Who He is, then we can better understand who WE are, in Him!

What about you? Who do YOU say that He is?


Stacey sign off If you would like to read the introduction and part one of this series, go here:  Introduction to a Psalms Devotional  Psalm Devotion: Why David Was a Man After God’s Own Heart

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