Super Simple Homemade Ice Cream


This staple dessert is sure to please.  It can be customized to suit your taste.  I have made it with vanilla flavoring and I have made it with cinnamon!  Yesterday I made it with a bit of Hershey’s Chocolate syrup blended in:


I don’t know why it was more complicated when my grandma and aunt made it when I was a kid.  It literally is this easy to make ice-cream:

I used half of the carton of whipping cream and half of the can of sweetened condensed milk.  Obviously use the full carton and full can if you need more.  JUST WHIP it together with a mixer!

There is a “magic moment” when it is visibly fluffy and RIGHT.  Mix in the flavoring of your choice, and scrape into a plastic container to freeze.  Over night freezing is perfect!

Provide a variety of goodies to top it with and your guests are sure to be pleased (and you too!)

I like to get bits of fudge-y brownie and form into balls.



Absolutely delightful !

Perfect dessert for children to assist with and serve to guests.  Thanks for letting me share.  Hope you come back again, or subscribe and never miss a serving of messy, true, and wonderful from Telling Hearts.

Tammy SD sign-off




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