Black Bean Zucchini Salad


One of the things I like about summer eating is a nicely chilled salad. And by salad,  I am talking anything goes! The easier, tastier and healthier, the better. I really like salads that you can prepare in advance and even enjoy for an extra day or two. I enjoy experimenting with bringing ingredients together to see how the flavors enhance each other.

This is one of my family’s favorites. It goes great as a side dish with a scrumptious barbeque meal or something as simple as hamburgers or hot dogs. I have even been known to simply add the few leftover spoonfuls on top of some chopped green lettuce and I have a simple healthy and light lunch.

I hope you will try it sometime this summer. It is not only easy but yummy and healthy. too


Black Bean Zucchini Salad

1 can black beans (drained and rinsed well)

1 coarsely chopped raw zucchini

1 small sweet Vidalia onion

1 coarsely chopped raw and beans into a bowl.inotcarrot

Cherry tomatoes

Bottled Light Balsamic or Light Italian Dressing ( I like Ken’s Balsamic )

Dash of fine sea salt

Dash of fine black pepper

If possible and you have time, chill the can of beans the day before you plan to make this salad. It is not mandatory but I find they hold up much better when you add them to the vegetables and toss them together.

Ok, are you ready for this? Literally, toss all the vegetables into a bowl. Add enough dressing to coat them as you toss the ingredients. Next, add the rinsed and well-drained beans. Season with the salt and pepper. Watch the salt since the dressing is already salted. Toss everything again. If you need a bit more dressing you can add some at the end. Cover and chill for a couple of hours.

This recipe serves 4 adults nicely as a side. I always double it for an extra company gathering when I know there will be other side dishes to go with this salad.

I hope my Black Bean and Zucchini Salad is a hit at your home this summer. Let me know what you think!







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