Perfect Pasta Salad

Summer is so busy! With both of my boys home, I struggle to make dinner most nights. So I love a meal you can make in advance, and this perfect pasta salad is my go to all summer long!

It’s so easy to make! Here’s the list of ingredients I use, but you can swap it up for whatever you like. You can also add meat if you’d like to round it out a bit more (chicken or ham might be nice!)

1.5 cups each of the following vegetables, diced:

Red pepper






1 cup cubed cheddar cheese

1 cup Mayo

1 cup Ranch salad dressing

2 to 3 cups pasta of your choice (I like Rotini!)

First, I boil the water to cook the pasta. Once the pasta is added, I chop up all of my veggies. When I think the pasta is done, I strain it and run cool water over it to make it chilled because I personally don’t like to have hot pasta in my cold pasta salad! Next, I combine the pasta, the chopped veggies, the cheese and dressings in a large bowl. Then all you need to do is stir and serve!

If you’re looking for extra tips to make this even more perfect, here you go!

I always like to add frozen peas and corn to my pasta salad to add for that chill factor. This is especially nice if you’re making this for a barbecue and you have to wait a little bit before it’s served.

This pasta salad can feed a pretty large crowd. I grew up cooking for 6 to 8 people, and I’ve never been able to cook for less!

If you’re not adding any meat, you can keep this in the fridge for up to a week. Great for making ahead as well – in fact, I’m making it up for Canada Day tomorrow! 😁

And that’s all there is to this perfect pasta salad! Some evenings this is all we have for supper, but it also pairs nicely with a barbecue!



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