Introduction to a Psalms Devotional


I have always loved the book of Psalms, even as a young child. I remember attending Sunday School in a little Missionary Baptist/Holiness/Pentecostal Church in Harlan County sometime around the 1978 mark, or so. We had to memorize a few verses of Scripture and at the end of the set time frame (I admit, I can’t remember how long it was), we would be given a New Testament that included Proverbs and Psalms, that was just our size!

Once I had my own Bible, I was vehemently devoted to reading it. However, one taste of the book of Psalms, and I could not quite tear myself away from it. Something about those words was just music to my thirsty little soul. Little did I know what a foundation that would be for me, later in life, when I truly needed it!

As I got older, my adoration of the Psalms, and what they really meant, began to sink in and take new meaning. I learned that David was a man after God’s own heart. That, in and of itself, is a testament to SO very much! The words of this precious book of the Bible give a glimpse into why David was so dear to God’s heart.

First of all, David was a worshipper! There was always a word of thanksgiving and praise on his lips, even in the darkest of times. He made it abundantly clear where his devotions were, and rightfully so. He had seen God’s hand at work, again and again, and when you see something like that, it’s hard not to be a worshipper.

He was also repentant. There were few instances in which David wasn’t quick to ask forgiveness when he realized he’d done something wrong. Even to the point of fasting, mourning and sitting in ashes, he always wanted to make sure that his sorrow for his wrongdoing was made abundantly clear.

Above all, David was fiercely loyal to God. He was no stranger to pain, grief, sorrow, loneliness, and many times, he just plain wanted to give up! We’ll see, in the days and weeks to come, how he dealt with that. Better still, we can use it as a template for our own times of trouble.

I’m looking forward to studying through this Word, and I’d be honored if you’d come along with me!

I'm looking forward to studying through this word, and I'd be honored if you'd come along with me.

Stacey sign off

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