Introduction to Devotional Series on Ecclesiastes


I don’t mind admitting, that I blog not only as a ministry, but also as a therapeutic hobby.  Plenty of motivation built into that statement!  You can read more about my background and purpose at my first blog, here >about me, in Grandma Mary Martha blog.  ,    but to the point of this devotional, let me explain that I decided I wanted to do this, when I was examining notes written in the cover of my favorite Bible.

One such note, directed me to here:20180616_195344

and I knew, “I want to dig deeper.  I want to set the goal for myself and share it at Telling Hearts!”

Ecclesiastes 12_13-14

When I read the Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, it reminded me of the greatest commandments as shared by Jesus in Matthew!  What precious gems of wisdom right there!!  May we all strive to excel by the power and workings of the Holy Spirit in us, at serving and loving, our amazing God, and his people.

Look  for me to share weekly, favorite parts from a chapter of Ecclesiastes until I am done with all the book.  Ultimately I will link each part of the series to each other part of the series.  I pray that you will be blessed in my posts, as I am blessed in my Bible studies and writing.  Thank you so much for joining me, and I would delight to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



Chapter one:Ecclesiastes chapter one devotional

Chapter two:Ecclesiastes Chapter 2 Devotional

Chapter three:Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Devotional; Man’s Dusty, Dirty, Delightful Portion

Chapter Four:

Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:

Chapter Seven:

Chapter Eight:

Chapter Nine:

Chapter Ten:

Chapter Eleven:

Chapter Twelve:

I am so excited!  Look for one each week!

Tammy SD sign-off


Ecclesiastes (1)


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