Introduction to Telling Hearts Fellowship Series, 6/2018

I am blessed…circumstances, good raisings, good people in my life, and I haven’t made any unresolved mistakes that haunt me.  Yes, for sure, sometimes I have misbehaved terribly, and God and others have forgiven me.


Have you ever heard that bank tellers are trained to spot counterfeit money, by handling real money_

Have you ever heard that tellers at banks are trained to identify counterfeit money by handling real money?   I have heard that!

Similarly… you don’t know how good watermelon can be until you have eaten a wonderfully sweet one.

You don’t know what tomatoes should taste like unless you’ve eaten a red ripe sweet one off the vine.

You didn’t know what a mother’s love was until you became a mother…

We learn how awesome the real and true, GOOD AND WONDERFUL is by EXPERIENCING IT.

That is  how I decided what my GREATEST REGRET might be.  Seriously.

I was not raised in a home where family associated closely with church or friends outside immediate family.  My parents were hard working stay to yourself folks.  Mom took us to church for about 10 years with out dad and most of my teen years, I went to church by myself.  Maybe all this contributes to the late bloomer I am in this.

When my husband and I married, we felt equally yoked.  Neither of us (in late twenties) were in Christian fellowship with church attendance a part of our lives, but both of us had a desire and vision to raise our families in church because of seeds planted earlier in our lives.

Seeds in my life, came from my grandmother, my aunt, and my mother’s attempts to bring us to church on Sundays for about the first 14 years of my life.  My husband had seeds planted from his high school girlfriend’s family!!  God worked in each of our lives individually to bring us HOME to a closer walk with Him.

So after marriage,  there were  literally YEARS  where we went to church weekly, and I prayed desperately for a close Christian girlfriend...someone with whom I could get past the cordial handshakes and, “Hello. How are you?”  and the head nods and well wishes that seemed about as shallow as a water puddle in the desert.

I was literally close to no one who would speak to me about God, or quote scripture, or make Biblical references personal for me. (My Grannie was dead, and my aunt was far away…)

Then none too soon, God gave me,  a slew of wonderful Christian sisters to fill the need, and when I compare my life, when I totally LACKED good and wonderful Christian lady fellowship with my life now that I have GOOD and WONDERFUL Christian fellowship, (and the times in the past when I had good and wonderful Christian fellowship…) well then I see my regret.

Perhaps my greatest regret is…

~not being more proactive to find and nurture GOOD and WONDERFUL Christian fellowship during the dry lonely times

~settling for mediocre or nil Christian fellowship- ever

How much better off would I have been if I always had good and wonderful Christian fellowship.  I highly suspect it would have made a significant difference.

fellowshipSome of my sisters at Telling Hearts, and I are sharing more on this vitally important  subject of FELLOWSHIP.  Consider this our round table discussion.  Hear from each of these dear Telling Hearts:

Maryann Lorts emphasizes need to understand and admit the need for fellowship:Fellowship: Accepting The Need

Jerusha Borden shares insight into the realities of church fellowship and also inspires us to take the time get to know, and see the good in each person’s story:Fellowship Series: Life Group Changes EverythingStories

Stacey Wells is an encouragement and consoles us as she shares humbly about her journey to find fellowship and keep her focus on God and family first:When Fellowship is a Journey I Had to Lay My Isaac Down

Rosie Williams beautifully explains the logic and purpose of fellowship to help you realize its precious value:Life is a journey…don’t travel alone.

Tammy SD  summarizes the definition, and  speaks to being persistent in the pursuit of GOOD and WONDERFUL fellowship:Good Fellowship vs. Mediocre or Bad

Thank you for letting us share with you, from our Telling Hearts.

Tammy SD sign-off

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