I Had to Lay My Isaac Down

(part 2 of 2)

*You may read part 1 here, to read about the journey that lead to laying my Isaac down.

Music, band, booze, nothing could fill the void, but God.

I Had To Lay My Isaac Down…

As I began to let it sink in that there was no one there for me, and that I had no one to talk to, confide in or get advice from, I began to turn to the only place I knew to turn to: God. You see, I had grown up in church. Was raised hearing the Gospel not only preached, but taught and lived by my mother. I knew the Word, and God, and I knew the Truth.

I had just chosen to turn away from it for all those many years.

So, in turning back to fellowship with Him, I began to learn the deep things of God. He revealed to me everything I had done, big and small, that had played a roll in my downfall. I read truths that I had known all my life, but never put them into perspective in my own life.


And so I learned, that fellowship with God is the most important fellowship of all! If we don’t have that, all other fellowships will eventually fall through! The Bible says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”…for a reason. It isn’t so we can “get” things, or be considered “good enough”. It’s the very basis for all that we are or ever hope to be, in Him.

Fellowship With God Sets the Stage…

I had heard it said, also during this dark time, that the only thing worse than going to hell is looking over and seeing your children beside you. And that hit me like a ton of bricks! We are given a job to do, as parents, in training up our children in the way that they should go. And we hadn’t done that. But I determined, that what little time I had left with them at home, would be time I would give solely to the Lord.

I turned back with my whole heart, and served Him exactly as the Word says to, and can I just tell you, even the darkest corner of hell had to let go of what was mine. What the enemy means for evil, God can turn it around for good when we fully turn to and fellowship with Him! Praise God!

In a nutshell, let me just give you a few quick ways that God turned my TEST into a TESTimony, when I focused on fellowship with Him, above all else:

  • He delivered me from alcohol.
  • He gave me my family back.
  • He rescued my teenage daughter from self-harming.
  • He gave us a home.
  • He saved my husband, delivered him from being an alcoholic, filled him with the Holy Spirit and set him on the straight path.
  • He gave me PEACE, and HOPE!


I could turn the details of all these things into a book, I’m quite sure. However, I will just say right now, for the sake of time: what He did for ME, He can, and surely will, do for YOU! He is no respecter of persons, the Bible tells us, and He is faithful, true and just.

If you are in a place where fellowship just doesn’t seem to be your strong-suit, I suggest going back to the very foundation of it all. Jesus Christ. Fellowship with Him. Learn from Him. Put your faith and trust in Him. He has all the answers, He can make the crookedest path straight, and He can bring all your broken pieces back together again.

I know, I’ve been there


……………note from Tammy SD:

That smile up there is on the face of a grateful woman, a wiser woman, than earlier years, (like myself).

WOW!  Does that not give you HOPE??  Thank you Stacey for bearing witness to the GREAT things God has done in your life, since you turned towards Him and started living for Him, seeking to pour  His wisdom, truth, and love into your children, and family as your first passion and responsibility!

This story reminds us all what redemptive and healing power is in our Lord! 

YES fellowship with Him first!!

Readers please share this for someone that needs to hear…  (Tammy SD)

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