Are You Promoting Misconception of Self Perception?


The Lord seems to be bringing a lot to my mind about relationships and pride.

In previous posts,  I wrote creatively:

*Lunacy and Pride

*Are ya Snooty or Good Fruiti?

Here, I would like to consider ways that we can accidentally portray pride and haughtiness even if our heart does not truly esteem ourselves as better than others.  As I considered this topic, it occurred to me that this is more likely to happen if/when traditional GOOD MANNERS are ignored.

I am sorry to say that many young people may not realize that what they may perceive as stuffy and stifling manners, were actually ideas adhered to by many from generation to generation, for the outcome of communicating consideration of others rather than self absorption, selfishness,  or pride.

How may we communicate consideration of others rather than self absorption and pride?  My simple answers may surprise you:

~ open up doors for others


~give eye contact when someone is speaking to you

~ask questions and listen to answers of others, be interested in others

~look for positive remarks, praise and encouragement to share




~in appropriate settings, SHAKE HANDS, maybe hug, teach your children to respond appropriately (but also teach them, talk to them, supervise them, to help them learn about proper boundaries, and behavior around strangers)

~Look for ways to HELP and be a blessing to others… to serve or help.

Good manners can actually help our light shine for Christ.  No one will be perfect, but may we work on shining as the Lord leads.

FUTURE posts:  FELLOWSHIP series coming soon.  Do good manners, pride and haughtiness have an effect on fellowship?  You bet it does!!  In a few weeks my sisters and I here at Telling Hearts are going to speak from our hearts and reference to scripture, as we tell what we perceive about different aspects of FELLOWSHIP.

Thanks for visiting!  We hope you come back.  (HUGS)

Telling Hearts _sisters telling it, messy, true, and wonderful because we are His

Are ya Snooty or Good Fruiti_



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