Chic-pea Tacos

It was a messy evening.

Well, my hair was a mess. My refrigerator…. a mess. My pantry…a mess.

Fortunately, my new puppy actually went 36 hours with out making a stinky mess in the house… but my teenage daughter was out with friends, and my husband was out of town for job. This all made for the perfect opportunity to try a NOT PRETTY meal – use up some leftovers, or scraps, messy kind of meal.

This what I did, and it was actually quite yummy! I encourage you to give it a try.

First I ninja blended some drained chic peas with a couple spoons of tomato sauce, and taco seasoning: cumin powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper.


I crisped the taco shells, chopped some onion, and then melted a bit of cream cheese in with my  blended chic-peas taco filling.


I would actually give it a solid B grade. I enjoyed my meal very much!  Taco shell, chick-pea with taco seasoning and cream cheese melted in, and topped with salad greens and chopped onion from my friend’s garden…Thanks be to God…Yummy in my tummy, messy meal for my messy  lonely day.


Yep, I just added the seasonings how I like it.  Did not measure.  I love cumin.  I love garlic.  I enjoy salt and pepper in moderation.  You try it the way you like it, and let me know how yours turns out.

Yes, it is a mostly HEALTHY DISH.

Love and hugs,


Telling Hearts _sisters telling it, messy, true, and wonderful because we are His

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