Are ya Snooty or Good Fruiti?

I’m a weirdo.

I think I am a nice weirdo, with many good attributes, by God’s grace, work and growth in me over many years.

I had a thought in the shower today:

Snooty usually falls in the mud and gets mud on her snout.

I don’t know why this came to me.

I think because I was considering my broad life experience. Seems like every-time I have seen a haughty, conceited, overly confident person circle through my life, (maybe a trouble causer on top of being haughty and prideful, thinking self is superior and others are less) I have most of the time lived to witness the fall that follows, where SNOOTY FALLS IN THE MUD.

In my mind, in the shower this morning, I could see a pig with mud on its face. (NO offense to pig lovers. I actually am fond of pigs- a country girl I am.)

Well of course snooty usually falls in the mud:



I don’t want to be snooty, I want to be good fruiti.

Read these write-ups on fruits of the Spirit: *by Maryann Lorts at her home blog; a sweet devotional on Fruits of the Holy Spirit *Adapt and produce GOOD FRUITS*

by Jerusha Borden at her home blog: Chronic Love; Fruit of the Spirit

by Rosie Williams at her home blog: and learn a lesson from fallen trees, with Rosie

But beyond this silly saying, is it possible that we be snooty with out realizing it?

I believe definitely, “yes,” and if you want to read more about HOW we can be accidentally, unknowingly snooty, then follow to this post from Telling Hearts: Are You Promoting Misconception of Self Perception?

You know the saying, “Admitting that you have a problem is the first step to solving it.” Well I believe in an effort to shine for Christ, we need to work to avoid being SNOOTY, or being perceived as such.  It can take great effort, great work…

Tammy SD sign-off

Lunacy and Pride

Are You Promoting Misconception of Self Perception?

Are ya Snooty or Good Fruiti_


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