When God turns hurt into amazing revelation.


A couple evenings ago, my daughter sent me a link to a slide show she created for my son’s graduation. Now you need to understand something: my son is 19, and he has Autism so my whole life is focused on his care, with God as my strength.

So anyhow, when I got the link, it was at least 20 pictures of there dad’s family versus us- (with ME, or my side…) about 6 pictures. We have been divorced  for 18 years.

I was so hurt, and started to cry, thinking,  “How could my daughter focus so much on someone who wasn’t invested in their lives… only on summer breaks?”

So I asked my daughter. She said, “That’s all the pictures I could find of us.”

So I went through my pictures. I was determined to find more. There were only 4 more with me in them.

The enemy was trying to tell me I was a bad mom and not there for my kids.

Well this morning when I was in my devotion (time with God)  I was thinking about this event, and an awesome revelation came to me.

I had boxes and boxes of photos that I took of my kids with awesome memories.  They just didn’t show me because I was the one taking the pictures.

I was trying to set up the perfect photo, great lighting, perfect background to display what I was seeing so that I didn’t miss one moment of these memories.

As I thought about all the photos I had went through that day, I realized, that I had the greatest memories.

So much of  the time this is the way we see God, (not there) because we don’t see him in the photos.  We think he is not there, but He is CREATING THE PHOTO TO BE PERFECT.

Exodus 14_14I the Lord will fight for you and all you need to do is stay calm (1)

Telling Hearts (1)


And what great things is He preparing for our future?

“…God is LOVE.”   1 John 4:8

“…I go to prepare a place for you.”  John 14:2

(added by Tammy; Cause, THANK YOU RACHEL, for this post.  It makes me SMILE over and over.  I KNOW you are a WONDERFUL mother.  Biggest hugs, girlfriend!)







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